ArCare Mobile Application

Our mobile application empowers our members to achieve their health goals by allowing them to have
unfettered access to their personal health records, enables them to monitor their progress and/or recovery and
consult our panel of licensed medical practitioners via a physical appointment or via our telemedical solution.

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Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to schedule an appointment with our panel clinic of your choice. Schedule a clinic visit or a telemedical consultation via our state-of-the-art platform and get timely reminders of your impending appointments. Your Clinic Visit, Telemedical Consultation and Transaction History will be readily available through our app.


Digital Prescriptions and Medical Certificates issued by our doctors either via a scheduled telemedical consultation or clinic visit will be available on our app for easy access. Results of any clinical test or blood analysis conducted would also be made available to you along with the doctor’s notes. If your primary care physician decides that you should consult with a specialist, a digital referral letter will be generated and be made accessible to you through our app.

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Clinic Locator

We have panel clinic locations nationwide for you to choose from at your own discretion. You can schedule a clinic visit via the app or just simply walk in for an appointment at the time of your choosing.

*For walk-ins, wait time would vary and is subject to the physician’s availability

Digital Therapeutics

Our app is able to link with your wearables or smart watches to
provide for continuous monitoring of specific health parameters
(i.e. heart rate).


For those suffering from chronic conditions such as heart disease
or diabetes, our panel physicians will be better equipped to
create specific treatment regimes that would help you reach
your health goals through continuous monitoring.

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We have made the payment process for your healthcare needs as simple, secure and seamless as possible through the use of our integrated E-Wallet service.

Chat and Video Call with Doctor

Get all the care of a doctor’s office from the convenience of your own home. You can quickly set up a standard visit with your primary care doctor, get a specialist or lab referral, or arrange an urgent care virtual visit (for non-life-threatening medical emergencies). 

Telemedicine services bring the doctor visits to you, discuss your health concerns and underlying health conditions privately over video chat. 

Your doctor can set up a treatment plan and prescribe medications for pick up or delivery and if needed, provide a Medical Certificate or Referral Letter for Specialist Consultation. Telehealth is perfect for at-risk or remote patients who have trouble getting into a doctor’s office.

Set up an appointment without worrying about contracting something from another patient. If traveling is difficult, or the doctor is too far away, virtual healthcare brings the medical professional to you.

*While a virtual doctor can address everything from routine appointments to urgent care, some medical conditions still require an in-person assessment.

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